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Location: Norway

Prof. Aritana

Prof. Aritana
Prof. Aritana
Full name
Mauricio Múnera

Graduation History


Aritana is a playful capoeirista who really believes that capoeira is a hobby in a fashion that is what he does for passion, love, and enjoyment while keeping deep respect for the practice. He started capoeira back in Colombia in 1999.

Aritana started training back in Colombia in 1999. He trained with the group ‘Nativos de Minas and Capoeira Abolicao’.

He moved to Norway in 2004 and it was then when he has his first encounter with Grupo Uniao na Capoeira through Prof. Cacheado and Prof. Sorriso and felt in love with the style, not later he had his first encounter with Mestre Luciano and Mestre Umoi and it was then when he started playing with the idea of finally becoming part of a group he could find himself identified with.

Not long later, he joined training with Prof. Cacheado, and a year later obtain his first graduation ceremony from Mestre Maclau.

Since then he has been part of the Grupo União na Capoeira in Bergen under the leadership of Prof. Cacheado in the city of Bergen and Mestre Maclau in the country.

He carries great respect and admiration for Mestre Umoi both in the personal and capoeira dimensions.

Aritana has had several periods of his life traveling several capoeira workshops in Europe, and in times with great focus in Capoeira Angola as he wants to reinforce his understanding of the beauty of the culture and style. That resulted in finding great friendships with people he admires and who triggers great curiosity in learning more and more about, music, Afro-Brazilian culture, movements.

Aritana finds a passion to communicate Capoeira and really enjoys teaching to children due to the joy and challenges it imposes.

He feels proud to be part of a group that respects diversity in togetherness.

Mauricio is blessed to be father of 2 boys who inspire him day by day.

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