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Grupo União na Capoeira - Canada

G.U.C. Canada was formed in January 2006 under the leadership of Professor Kmelo, and is comprised of members varying in age and cultural backgrounds.

G.U.C.’s mission is to utilize Capoeira to build strong communities, promote unity, fight poverty and marginalization.

G.U.C. has a history of successful social work in inner-city Brazil and Portugal. For the last 38 years, G.U.C. has undertaken collaborative initiatives with governments and non-profit organizations aimed at empowering underprivileged youth-at-risk areas and young offenders.

The resulting programs utilized Capoeira training as a means of developing leadership and teamwork skills, as well as social tools that promote discipline, positive living and healthy self-confidence.

G.U.C. continues to offer Capoeira as a positive alternative to violence, anti-social behaviour, addiction and crime. Professor Kmelo has taught a number of workshops across several schools in Toronto and directed a very successful after-school program at Ryerson Community School in downtown Toronto. He has also conducted a youth Capoeira camp in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area and offered Capoeira classes at Scaddingcourt Community Centre in Toronto. He started the group in Canada in Kensington Market.

Over the years, G.U.C. members participated in international performances and hosted dozens of Capoeira workshops and events. The group has released multimedia items, including a 20th anniversary CD and a DVD showcasing years of international Capoeira workshops. G.U.C. also received considerable print and broadcasting media coverage.


  • During his 29 years with Grupo União na Capoeira, Kmelo has made considerable contributions to the development of the group and has worked actively to raise awareness about Capoeira throughout Europe and North America.

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