Prof. Dacor

Paulo Silva “Professor Dacor” began studying Capoeira since 1994 with Master Tucas and Master Umoi from Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira in Lisbon, Portugal. He moved to London to attend university and undertook a degree in Sport Studies, B.A. Hons and trained as a Fitness Instructor (YMCA personal trainer, Level 2). With his studies, he has been able to incorporate modern techniques to his Capoeira training. Dacor has had the opportunity of travelling to Brazil, Africa and Europe to further his Capoeira practice. From his contemporary knowledge and training in the ancient practises of Capoeira, Dacor has developed a philosophy for training. He believes Capoeira should no longer be taught according to the traditional individual notions of Capoeira Angola or Capoeira Regional and instead capoeiristas should be able to play to whichever rhythm the berimbau calls. His coordinator is Master Tucas from Grupo Uniao Na Capoeira.