Build Your Own Berimbau - an awesome capoeira experience!

Build Your Own Berimbau - an awesome capoeira experience!

Photo by Masa - More photos on the GUC Canada Facebook page

Last weekend was a very special time for Grupo Uniao na Capoeira: we hosted the first berimbau workshop since the group started in Canada.

BYOB - Step by step

Led by Toureiro, a great capoeirista and professional berimbau maker from Rochester, we got to learn every steps of the berimbau making process: from verga harvest and sanding to the arame extraction, from the cabaça cleaning and shaping to the anel making!

At the end of a restless day, we all regrouped to play our brand new instrument. It was not without a little bit of emotion!

Grupo Uniao na Capoeira (Canada) would like to thank each and every one of you who participated in this BYOB workshop, particularly Toureiro for making this day such an amazing experience.

Come and meet us

If you want to see us with our brand new berimbau, feel free to join our open roda the the Car Free Sunday in Kensington Market on Sunday July 28th.